by Lucas

Hey guys, A quick message

In case you didn't know, Semar does the drawing for the comic. I try and come up with a general concept and we both put it into motion. That is to say this comic exists solely because of Semar's efforts, and without her it wouldn't exist. Lately she's been super busy working on charity art shows and just general school work. You can check out her stuff at According to her the second and third comics were rushed, but I think they're good either way. That being said, we may not always be able to release comics as soon as we would like, and concepts that we already had might be to late now to use. Right now we're working on a big one, and hopefully will be the best one yet. My hope is that it will be fully coloured, I feel like the concept behind it is awesome and hopefully you'll agree.


by Lucas

Sorry about how slow we're being guys

We've been really busy with School but we have a really awesome comic in the making, and we think you'll really enjoy it! We know we've only made 3 comics so far but it's still something we've put a lot of effort into so we really apprectiate all the support we've been getting.

We're going to try and advertise our comic at conventions we go to and whatnot and see how that turns out, and hopefully produce some more traffic. Although I'm really impressed by the fact we already have subscribers!

We also have a Facebook group if you want to join it:

Thanks guys, and much love!